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Story behind

“It is up to the population to blow the whistle!”

This is the sentence launched by a guest at the end of an Infrarouge debate intended to discuss the COVID measures and restrictions in place. The idea of creating sifflons.ch was born and we finally had the time during a long windy weekend in March 2021 to realize it. 

Goal: set up a permanent demonstration

The aim of sifflons.ch is to be a permanent visual manifestation in our living spaces around a symbolically strong and unifying logo – the whistle – for those who, like us, believe that after one year, enough data is available to the authorities to make them aware that many of their measures are disproportionate and abusive. Young people and elderly people suffer a lot from the current situation, not to mention those who have lost their jobs or have to suffer discrimination. 

Our pitch

Whistle.ch is an action to protest against the health measures of our authorities. We consider them disproportionate and devastating for our youth, our economy and our society. The results of the governmental policy have caused much more damage than benefit in the fight against a virus that has not caused any excess mortality since the beginning of the pandemic (source: FOPH). The official media do not inform about facts and figures, but disseminate and hammer out on a daily basis anxious and biased opinions, denigrating and even defaming any voice that differs from the official narrative. We, normal citizens, neither left nor right, and representing all professions and social classes, say STOP. With this action, we call on our government to provide the population with figures and factual information, and above all, to respect our fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. We are the people, we are the sovereign.

Who conceived this site?

This site is part of www.supercollectif.ch, a politically neutral citizen group whose goal is to support citizen engagement and ideas that will make tomorrow’s society.

Thanks to the different contributors for the initiation, creation, translation and maintenance of this site.


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